Today's word is as great as the English “isn`t it”. Something that you can easily append to every sentence. However, as we are taking Austrian, so the word must be better, mustn’t it?

You can use Oida for everything and this repeatedly! A construct like “Oida, wos wüst Oida” is perfectly fine. Originally, Oida would translate to something like old man. However, in no way the person addressed needs to be old (I would even say the opposite is true) or male - remember we Austrians are politically very correct, especially colloquially. So words that imply that they are only male can be applied to females as well.

A fine piece of art was produced by the guys from Trackshittaz who made a great song with the mind enriching title “Oida Taunz!” Please have a look at it yourself here:


By the way, the Trackshittaz were Austria’s nomination for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the song "Woki mit deim Popo" (the title of the Song would translate to “Shake your booty”). This year we sent a guy or a girl (sorry, I am not too sure) called Conchita Wurst.

Homework: Please tell me if this is a girl or a guy:

If you want to get extra points, please also watch her or his song, it is supposed to be not too bad, I have not heard it myself yet.


  1. What does Oide I hoit auf di mean?

    1. Hi there, "Oide" is the female form of "Oida". While "Oida" can be used for both genders, "Oide" can only be used for female. "I hoit auf di" seems to be lacking a word. I guess you meant "I hoit wos auf di" then it means that you have a high opinion about the girl or woman. Or, it could have meant "I hoit di aus" that is "I can stand you" or, I pay for all your bills.

      Have a great day!

  2. Nämli is oide I hoid auf di a Liad vun Geog Danzer.

  3. I also disagree with the term being gender neutral as such. You could use teh exclamation in front of anyone (For example, you bump into something and say 'hearst oida' as if talking to the thing. But as a woman I would find it very weird to be addressed as 'oida', it would be 'oide' and extremely colloquial. Really I would not recommend any foreigner attempt to use this at all.

    1. Please have a look here: https://youtu.be/iuXR53ex4iI


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