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Die Presse Quiz

Today, the Viennese newspaper Die Presse published a quiz on the dialect used in Austria. If you read the blog and did the assignments, you should be easily able to complete the questions. Good luck!


Today we are talking about the great word "Surm". "Surm" is a noun and our friends over at Rind Vieh Say that this is a stupid human. However, they place it into the category of harmless words . Harmless words are for them abusive language for every day use. Interesting definition! "Surm" causes a lot of confusion, as in different people use it in different ways. We over here at "Austrian for foreigners" have the mission to make things clearer, or at least more fun. "Surm" is definitely one of these words that can provide that kind of entertainment. Simply looking to our authoritative friends over at Ostrarichi  , t hey have two variations: First they call Surm a meat heat: Second they call Surm a confused person: User ant18ikes does the only thing t