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Voll Karacho

Today’s word I have actually seen on a playground in Munich: “Voll Karacho ins Vergnügen? Aber sicher! We regularly check our equipment; however, should a toy be faulty, please call our service line.” I have no idea where the word is coming from or what its word stem is. The meaning of voll Karacho is something is going with a high velocity or full force. Unfortunately, this great word seems to fade away. When I was a child, we used “ Na der is owa voi Karacho g’fohrn ” for every vehicle that went just above walking speed. It was very nice to see this word on a playground. Thank you, Munich! You made my day. Homework: Tell somebody about a fond childhood memory.

Motje – South-African for an Elderly Muslim Woman

Yesterday, in Cape Town, South Africa I learnt a new word: Motje . This is an old Muslim woman and the word seems to be quite commonly used. However, they way the people pronounce it here is more like mushy. This then leads to the vulgar Austrian word Muschi . I will not explain what this word means, as I am sure you can figure that out yourself. Just so much, it can be used for a woman, but is more often used for one specific part of her. But imagine my surprise when I went out with very nice people, very well educated and generally the best manners, to this high-class restaurant and they call the elderly waitress that took very good care of us a Muschi , sorry, a Motje I mean. Homework : Treat yourself! Go and have a nice dinner at a nice restaurant and most importantly: Do this with nice people whose company you enjoy!

Learning languages makes you smarter

Please read this article: Learning languages makes you smarter Finally, it is clear that learning another language makes you smarter as it shows you other facets of live. Now with the wonderful Austrian language this is even better as there are so many words that you can use for completely different things. Just remember our lessons here about Schachtel and Blunzn . Do not forget Schnitt'n !