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Nobody can beat Wikipedia with the preciseness of the description of this one:  " Ein Waschlappen , regional auch Seiflappen , ist ein mehr als handtellergroßes Textilstück zur Körperpflege. Er ist oft als Waschhandschuh in rechteckiger Form gestaltet, in den eine Hand hineinschlüpfen kann. Das Material ist unterschiedlich, doch wird baumwollhaltiges Frottee bevorzugt benutzt. Abgesehen von der Alten- und Krankenpflege werden Waschlappen heute nur noch selten verwendet... "  - together with an excellent picture: The Google translation for this text is even better: " A washcloth, Seiflappen even regionally, is a more than palm-large textile pieces to personal hygiene. He is often referred to as washing glove in rectangular shape into which a hand can hineinschlüpfen. The material is different, but is preferably used baumwollhaltiges terry. Apart from the elderly and nursing washcloth are today only rarely used" Now, there you see a couple of interesting facts:


This is one of the all time favorites of everybody! You pronounce it as Nudlaug, but is should be written as "Nudelauge" - if you say it that way it is even more insulting. Talking about insulting:  Yes it is a cuss word, but let's go to the terminology:  Nudel is noodle and Auge is eye. Doesn't fit together you think? Think again, we are talking about Austrians :) As we are talking about where the word comes from, this word was made super-popular by the series " Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter " staring Karl Merkatz as Edmund "Mundl" Sackbauer. But I still owe you the complete root of the word: Nudel as noodle is not referenced to spaghettis the singular form is more fitting and then only if you use it in the context of part of the male reproductional system. But then you might wonder what an eye has to do with that...  If you are still wondering, you might have to watch more movies !