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As it is Christmas, todays entry will be a little bit christmassy: We are talking about Rumkugeln it seams some people like my pictures, I did a Google image search for rumkugeln , and look at these two pictures, it came up with on the first page: and: and on the second page, the search engine came up with: OK, I admit, these pictures don't seam to have something in common (a sweet, a cat and a drunk) but by the end of the day we are talking about Austrian, don't we? :) So, lets start with the Wortstamm again: Rum is rum and the best in the world is still made by the Angostura distillery located on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. And a Kugel is a ball or a sphere. So far, so clear, everybody expected that we have some Christmas-Cookies for this time. But now to the cat: what does it do? It is rolling around on the ground and happy, that life is so nice. And there is the point: rum is not only rum, no it is as well the short form of herum or in English around. Furthermore,