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This is a deer. But again it could be used for a person that can be described as not the brightest star in the universe. Remember the line: So a Hirsch!


Okay, lots of Germans, if not all don’t know what that is and there are few to none unable to pronounce it properly. So let’s start with the interesting Wortstamm : G’frast comes from fressen; in German there are two words for eating: essen and fressen; essen is used for humans, fressen for animals, or, humans, if they eat like animals. And G’frast is the noun the person eating too much. Sackerl is the small form of Sack, yes again, a small form not the first one and for sure not the last one. J So, now we have a word that is a person that is eating like a pig connected with a small bag. Not the nicest thing to call somebody, isn’t it? But it is so old and often used that it is not bad anymore, if you call somebody that the person will take it funny.

Fadlkisten und Saukübel

Both of this can be cars. Let’s start again with the Wortstamm : A Fadl is a piglet. A Kistn is a box. A Fadlkistn is a box used to transport small pigs from one place to the other A Sau is a Pig. A Kübel is a bucket. A Saukübel is a bucket used to throw old stuff in that should be given the pigs to eat the next time they get fed. And still both can be cars. A Fadlkistn is a not too new car where everything is buffering and rattling, just imagine a quickly hammered together wooden box full with lively little pigs, if the car makes the same kind of noises you can definitely talk about a Fadlkistn. A picture of a Saukübel from the good ol' times:


This is a waffle filled with chocolate, but, it can be used for pretty girls as well, then mostly in the connection “A fesche Schnittn” – but please take care if using! The person talked about could not take it as the compliment it is intended as.


This is originally a pumpkin. But it could be used for the head, especially if oversized or a stupid person. The Wortstamm of this word is unknown to me, if somebody knows, please tell me.