Learning languages makes you smarter

Please read this article:Learning languages makes you smarter

Finally, it is clear that learning another language makes you smarter as it shows you other facets of live. Now with the wonderful Austrian language this is even better as there are so many words that you can use for completely different things.

Just remember our lessons here about Schachtel and Blunzn. Do not forget Schnitt'n!


  1. Does learning another language really make you smarter, or do smarter people tend to be better at learning other languages?

    But different languages represent the world differently. For instance, in Italian there are two colours corresponding to the English blue: celeste is light (literally: sky-coloured) blue, and blu is dark blue, similar to the distinction between pink and red. So when an English speaker learns Italian he must learn to think about colours differently in order to use the correct word.

    I think we all know that the sky is not dark blue, no matter what language we speak. Different dialects of the same laguage may differe in this way.

    If I ask you to think of ‘lunch’, you’ll probably think about a sandwich with crisps,” explained Dr Bassetti. “If I ask an Italian to think of pranzo - Italian for ‘lunch’ - he’ll think of a dish of pasta followed by meat and vegetables.

    So what would you think if you were an English speaker and you learnt Italian? Probably something in-between, such as a dish of pasta with some crisps.

    This is acutally a cultural differece rather than a liguistic one. Let's consider the Mittagessen, which (as far as I know) has the same meaning in German and Austrian, differing in Austrian only in regard to accent and written as Mittogessn in dialect transcriptions. Do Austrians and Germans ted to think of different things when they think of Mittagessen?

    But sometimes they also create new concepts that do not come from either of their languages such as pasta with a cup of tea, which neither an English nor an Italian speaker would think of.

    Could Austrians think of that without reference to either language? Come on!

    1. Dear Myrtone, again: Thank you very much for writing this!
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