Langsam wochs ma zamm

No time no blog, I hope you forgive me for being kinda busy.

Today we don't have a word but a phrase: "Langsam wochs ma zamm". This phrase got much bigger use in the song of Wolfgang Ambros with the song with the same title. Wolfgang Ambros is very important as he is the author of the second Austrian national hymn "Schifoan"

wochsn is the dialect word for the German wachsen and means growing or fostering. And this is what the whole song is about: Two people that had lots of problems but eventually came along with each other and growing together becoming one.

However, it would not be Austria if it did not have a second meaning. In this case the totally opposite: "Glei wochs ma zamm!!" (the two exclamation marks are here on purpose, as you have to put some emphasis on it) and again it has quite some use, when you are physically fighting exactly the same thing happens, it looks like the people grew together.

Homework: Did you even do your homework the last time to find out if in your language there are similar words that are as often used as in the Austrian? I don't think so, I never got any feedback on that... So, no homework for now.


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