Thanks for checking on today's smart entry!

We are talking about g’scheit, the short form of gescheit and according to dictionary the German word for smart or educated.

However (did you realize that however is one of the most used words in this blog?), you can use g’scheit for more. For example you can tell a child: “Sits g’scheit!” In no way you are telling the child to sit like Auguste Rodin's The Thinker (French: Le Penseur). Just in case your forgot what I am talking about, please find an image here:

No you are just telling the child to sit proper.

Or you can tell somebody: “Des hot g’scheit weh dau!” Again this was not something that hurt and made you smarter in any ways, it just really, really hurt!

As always, Austrians are positive, so they also say "Der is owa g'scheit deppat". They don't mean that somebody is stupid in a smart way, I think you can figure out yourself what is meant.

The Homework for today: use positive language. If I get enough entries, I will write about "i hob gern” - and believe me, I don’t only mean the literal translation that you like something.


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