Na no na net!

Today, I found a great resource on Facebook: smoonr

They are talking about a great phrase: "Na no na net!" which is the Austrian phrase for "Yes!". You may have learned in school that a double negative is a bad grammar, but you know, we are talking about Austrians: what is a rule not to to do somewhere else is endorsed here.

Kaffeepause? #nanonanet #wortschatz

Posted by smoonr on Monday, April 13, 2015


  1. There exist: "No na", "No na net" and Na no na net" which means all "Yes, clearly" or "Yes, you didn't get it?" in different strengths.

    "Na no na net!" This is the stronges in the direction of "you don't get it" or "clearly yes".
    The first "Na", a homonym to the second "na", means "So" or "Hey". In englisch Wiktionary it is "Etymology 1" and not "Etymology 2" Literally translated: "So, no no no", where "no no no" means "YES!"


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