Fenster Putzen

Austrians have an obsession with cleaning windows. Cleaning, or better clean places, in general. But cleaning windows especially. Being born and raised here I never even thought of that this could be out of the normal, but today I realized that this must an Austrian special obsession. I only realized that today. We have lived a year in the Caribbean, where I wanted to get the windows of our apartment cleaned. Every maid told me that they “don’t do windows”. So I tried to clean the windows myself, which produced not the result – spotless clean windows – I wanted due to the burglar proving. I looked up professional cleaning companies which all responded with dismay to my request of cleaning windows – or better having clean windows. Today, first meeting of the cleaning lady in Austria and she insist of cleaning the windows – which look spotless to me.

Which reminded me of some discussions on a popular social networking site where some of my friends dissed some of my other friends, because they only cleaned their windows four times per year.

Spotless clean windows are a must in Austria

Lesson learnt. Austrians value clean windows more than anybody else in the world. I assume it is because of lack of sunlight here. We need clean windows to have a little bit brighter rooms. In the Caribbean a little dust might help to keep the sun out and the rooms cooler.
Trinidad has more sunlight

Homework: Please post below how often you clean your windows or get your windows cleaned. Please also provide information how sunny your place of living it. It would be interesting, if my theory proves right or wrong.


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