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I am going through my image library. And OK, this is not a word, but the beauty of Salzburg is just breathtaking!


  1. You didn't mention that it is called Såizburg in Austrian.

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    1. Mr. Cameron, thank you very much for visiting my blog!

  3. Indeed, I did not.

    I was thinking to write an article about "Soiz", "Salz" and "Hall". The later is the old German word for Salt and still used in some city names like "Bad Hall" and "Reichenhall", but I did not get around to do that yet.

    Stay tuned, it might come soon. Just keep on doing the homework given at every post :)

  4. The reply came by suprise, I thought this blog had been abandoned.

    Gegebn hot's a brimste Komponistn, da Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart heißt, un geboren worn is er am 27. Jenna 1756 in Såizburg.

  5. Dear Myrtone, and your reply came to my surprise! I am happy that we could surprise each other in a positive way.

    Yes, the blog had been abandoned, but I am planning on posting fresh content again. In fact, I started already, your input is - as always - most welcome.

    Thank you very much for the nice line about Mozart. I should get out and post a image of one of the many statues of him on this blog, just to show how much Austrians love and adore Mozart - or at least the money that can be earned because of him :)

  6. By the way did Herr Mozart, although his songs are usually song in German, nevertheless pronounce St. German the same was as he pronouned Soizburgarisch, using German only for writting?

    1. As I never had the honor talking to Mr. Mozart, I don't know how he pronounced what. However, judging from the still used "Mundart" and "nach der Schrift sprechen" I assume it was exactly the way you proposed.

  7. Are there any rhymes in Mozart songs that don't work in St. German but do work in Soizburgarisch? That's one to to get an idea on how a writer pronounced words.

    1. Dear Myrtone, thank you very much again for your very valuable input! It is greatly appreciated.
      The problem with that approach is that Mozart is said to have had Tourette syndrome as proposed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services here.
      While it is not sure that he really had Tourette it is sure that his texts were all "censored" after he passed. So the rhymes that we see now in his music, are not always the rhymes he actually wrote.


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